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Attack of the Career Shifters

I’m a millennial that’s not satisfied in their career. GROUND BREAKING. Queue the eye rolling.


I mentioned in a previous post that I was a serial job hopper. So to give you a run down, my career history goes like this:

Bank > Retail #1 > Retail #2 > Utilities Company > Retail #3 > Retailer #4 > Volunteer Admin Assistant > Big Retail Head Office > Small Retail Head Office > Data Analyst > Personal Assistant > Executive Assistant

Disjointed and boring AF. My degree was in Media Production. Yes, it is going to good use, thanks. I take bloody wonderful iPhone photos of my dog, okay? If I could go back, would I study something different? Probably. But do I regret anything? Nope. I wouldn’t know who I do now if I hadn’t gone, and I have amazing people around me.

Back to the career thing. Until the last three years or so, I always felt like my jobs were boring or dead-ends, but I figured that’s pretty much how it went until you were old enough to retire. No one I worked with loved the job. None of my friends loved their jobs. My parents didn’t. Work was just something you endured. Clock watching was the status quo and moaning about the job/your managers/customers fuelled your break time chats in the staff room. You didn’t know your co-workers boyfriend’s name, but you could talk about all the ways you hated manning the fitting room until the cows, sheep and goats came home.


Something began to change in my head around 2014. A long relationship ended, my life was turned upside down and suddenly I was reassessing what made me happy. It wasn’t my job. And it showed at work. So, I did the only sensible thing. I took off to the other side of the world. I took a career break from my job and spent six months in Australia and New Zealand, only coming back because I broke my ankle in two places. I fell back into my old job, but that nagging voice in the back of my head was screaming at me to get out. In March, that will be two years ago. The voice is pretty fucking hoarse now, but it’s still going.

I very recently got promoted to Executive Assistant for someone pretty important. I should be thrilled. I’ve only been a PA for four months before word got out that I was doing well and I was encouraged to apply for the promotion. Now that I’ve got it, the only thing that made me happy was the increase in cash. Other than that, I actually feel trapped. Like, James Caan strapped to the bed in Misery trapped. My job is Kathy Bates, hobbling me one leg at a time.

I feel like now that I’m earning the most I ever had, leaving would be silly. Even though I feel zero passion for what I’m doing, I wish all my weekdays away and I’m just frankly unhappy.It’s just not enough for me to ping out emails and stand at a printer. The time has come for me to address the unbalance. I hit the big 3-0 in July, and I don’t want to wish away the next ten years of my working life.

How am I going about the whole career shift thing? I have no idea.






5 thoughts on “Attack of the Career Shifters

  1. I feel like I could do with a break too, to get some perspective and refresh my life a little. I want to say congratulations for the Executive Assistant promotion, that’s still a great achievement, if only for the money. I’m just sorry to hear you feel so down and not happy or fulfilled by it, but at least you know that at this point and want to do something to change that. It’s hard… I have no idea what I want to do work-wise either, which I’m going to have to totally rethink after my next op. I don’t have a ‘career’ or a path to follow, and making a change, especially when qualifications and experience are equally hard to get unless you already have them, is certainly a challenge. But you’re obviously motivated, intelligent and passionate, so I have no doubt you can do it!
    Caz x

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    1. Thank you for your comment Caz, it’s so kind of you. Fulfilment is definitely something I want, I think it’s something everyone deserves in their working life – including you! I’m sure that you’ll achieve everything you set your sights on, whatever that may be. There are so many of us in the same boat, unsure about what we want and feeling like we don’t have the necessary skills when we do come across something that interests us. We’ll work it out though, our generation seems to have a knack for problem solving 🙂 I hope your op goes well, sending you lots and lots of positive thoughts! Amy xx


  2. When you’ve figured it out, please hand me your road map so I have some clue where to start…. I need to get my life together this year and find a job where I’m reasonably happy and interested!


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