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Life Lessons: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sometimes, you find something that just resonates with you. It speaks to you on a spiritual level. I don’t normally find this in sitcom characters, I normally find it in pizza or puppies, but here we are.

The three main female characters of Brooklyn Nine-Nine are the stuff of dreams. I’m going to tell you why. The show’s writing is genius. They have female characters that aren’t defined by their gender, which is pretty cool, for a start. They can touch on a characters gender without playing it for laughs. Nice. I’m not here to review the show though, I’m here to enlighten you with some life lessons that these strong, unapologetic ladies bring to the table. Prepare to be face-with-the-love-hearts-for-eyes.

Amy Santiago

Amy: I know a thing or two about astronomy. I had eleven straight birthdays at the planetarium. That was also a brag.


Amy: This one says Die Pig. And worst of all, they didn’t put the comma between die and pig.

Amy is organised, awkward, follows rules to a fault and makes Bill Gates seem like a real Danny Zuko. She’s responsible AF. She’s a dork. And she OWNS it. It makes her good at her job. She’s unashamedly competitive. Amy wants to be the best and doesn’t give a shit what you think about that. She will also rock a bland pant-suit like no other, because FYI, what she wears doesn’t make a difference to how good she is at her job. Although looking flashy is 100% a great choice if you want to, Amy just doesn’t want to. And that’s okay. 

There’s a few times when she puts her career ahead of her love life, and flawlessly refocuses her attention back on her job despite her feelings. Imagine a serious hair flip here. Women can be shamed for being ambitious, but Amy Santiago don’t give a fuck about your ridiculous stereotypes. She doesn’t fall prey to peer pressure, because she knows what she wants to achieve and follows her own path.

From the first season onwards, you get to watch her come into her own and get stronger, taking less and less BS from everyone, including people she holds in super high regard. Girlfriend still knows how to have fun though – planning hen night? She’s got your back with a quiz complete with props and shot forfeits for wrong answers. She’ll come paintballing with you and snipe a bitch. Basically, Amy’s got your back. She’s good people.

Jake: My power went out last night and my alarm didn’t go off.

Amy: Your alarm is power dependent? You brought this on yourself, son.


So, what can we take away from Amy? Let’s break it down:

  • Own your perceived flaws – if you’re a perfectionist or a nerd, so what? That’s your strength. Use it.
  • If your career is your priority, that’s cool. You do you. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re doing the wrong thing.
  • Play by your own rules, not someone else’s.
  • Being smart is fucking awesome. Don’t play it down.
  • You can be socially awkward and still cool AF.
  • Be a boss and run your career, but don’t forget to sprinkle some fun in your life.


12 thoughts on “Life Lessons: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  1. Love this. People tend to single out the (fantastic) Andre Braugher and the (also fantastic) Chelsea Peretti, but I love love LOVE Amy Santiago’s very specific dorkiness as Amy. ‘Yes, sir. I will make better mouth.’ I recently turned to Brooklyn Nine Nine after a saturation of WTF drama with BBC’s Sherlock, and it is such a relief to see well-drawn characters. Especially female characters. So I’m doing a recap of the show right from the beginning, just to rinse my brain out. Come by if you fancy chatting about specifics!

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